Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line

I’m Uyan, from Brazil, and I’ve been in Taiwan for ten years. But this trip is very special for me.Welcome to Taiwan, today I will bring you to have some fun in Penghu
When traveling Taiwan, each place has its own surprises. Taiwan is a beautiful island, and its offshore islands are also gorgeous.
This is my first time to Penghu, I am so excited, to see all the amazing place here has to offer ! I decided to take, the Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line, to check them out, lets go!Penghu is an archipelago,located in the Taiwan Strait, and it’s also Taiwan’s only ,island chain formed from volcanic rock. Not only that, it was the part of Taiwan ,that developed the earliest, over 700 years ago.Today, come with me,to experience the beauty of Penghu.
Speaking about Penghu, you are probably familiar ,with the Penghu Great Bridge, it is Taiwan’s longest bridge with 2.6 kilometers, if you come here, you definitely have to come to this place, take a picture and check in.Both in its natural landscape,and cultural history, Penghu can point to plenty of ,differences with the island of Taiwan itself.
Penghu actually is an archipelago, formed by the volcanic rock basalt ! And its unique geography,is formed by thousands of years of water and wind erosion. I am right in Siaomen Village, and I heard they are hiding a stone whale ! And I am trying to find it ! But I guess... I guess I just found it ! Thats thats, I guess thats the one ! Let me show you guys ! Ok, thats right ! Thats the black big Moby Dick ! So cool ! Can you see the black hole over there ! The shape is exactly like a whale ! I really like it !
Aside from its amazing natural scenery, Xiyu also has a history as an important military outpost, thanks to its strategic location.

Today I just arrived in Xiyu Western Fort, and the ticket is so cheap, 30 NT dollars, almost 1 US dollar !Xiyu Western Fort, is located on a coastal highland near Waian Village, Xiyu, and occupies more than 8 hectares.Inside you can see the central corridor, connecting officers’ quarters on either side, together with the English-made, Armstrong’s rifled breech loader cannon.This is Western Fort,already over a hundred years old.
such a long time !Yes, it is for protect the Magong Harbor.I see ! So is there any other forts that we can visit !No, it is the only fort open for public.This one is only one.
Yes.After seeing these military relics, the next stop on my list ,is one of Taiwan’s Top one relic.The place I am going to show you right now, holds a very important treasure. It is Taiwan’s oldest lighthouse, Yuwengdao Lighthouse !
Built in 1778, the white lighthouse contrasted with the green grass around, it has a strong European flavor. Looking out at the vast sea from here,is an inspiring sight.
The seascape of Penghu is mesmerizing ! I guess I am going to stay here for the next days ! Cameraman,you feel the same huh ? Great! Because I have,so much more places to show you! Stay with me!



西嶼西臺已有百年以上的歷史,這麼久! 是的 過去主要是防衛馬公港。了解 那還有其他砲台可參觀嗎? 沒有,目前只有這裡對外開放。只有這裡?沒錯~
參觀完軍事古蹟之後,下一個要前往拜訪的景點,不僅是古蹟 也是台灣的第一。