Time for Green Island

When traveling, the most special moments, are those new sensual experiences.
The feeling of freedom.The taste of the open sea.The spirit of prayer.Welcome to Taiwan, I am Poyu Lin.
All these experiences ,await you on Green Island!Thanks to the brilliant sea life in its surrounding waters, Green Island has become a world-famous diving destination. But in earlier days, Green Island was separated from the world. Its former identity as a prison island, has given it a special culture and spirit.Today’s trip is really special. First stop, a prison tour!
Green Island Human Rights Culture Park, is a place where tourists can experience, the arc of Taiwan’s human rights history firsthand. The park itself was established, to mark the two prisons that were built here.The first was for ideological reeducation, and was called the “New Life Correction Center.”
This was what a cell at the correction center, looked like in those days. These wax figures representing political prisoners, are enjoying a brief moment of free time before bed.Some are reading, playing chess, and even practicing the violin!
At the other side of the “New Life Correction Center”, is “Oasis Villa”. It was designed like a traditional prison, with cell blocks laid out in a cross shape.My imagination runs wild walking through the cells,and looking at the reconstructed visiting area, with its separating windows covered in scratches.
I just want to tell you, Taiwan is actually really fun. Make sure you come sometime!
Ok, I will.In addition to the site’s history, at the outer wall you can also get a feel, for the power of mother nature.Seeing these views, reminds me how precious freedom really is.Admiring views of a winding coastline ,and all kinds of cool rocks, I've arrived at another Green Island cultural destination - Guanyin Cave.Guanyin Cave is a natural stalactite cave, that was named for one of its meter-high, stalactite resembling the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Thanks to all the tales surrounding it, the cave has become a spiritual home, for the residents of Green Island.Aside from history, cuisine is also a part of the local culture. I hear that seaweed ,can be added to any food on Green Island.Seaweed soup.Shachima.Scrambled eggs and seaweed ice.
Fantastic,taste like the ocean!Do you want to have an unforgettable island trip of your own? Then come to Green Island! I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~


台東 綠島人文輕旅行