Diving paradise- Green Island

I am Poyu Lin, I love to travel, love wandering around Taiwan. Today, I・m at an internationally famous diving paradise.I・m on Green Island.
Green Island is a small island ,located in the Pacific Ocean off the southeastern coast of Taiwan. The warm waters of the Kuroshio current, have brought rich marine life to the island, especially in the colorful reefs around it.When on Green Island, the first thing to do is jump in the ocean.Green Island is Taiwan・s most popular, snorkeling and diving destination. The island・s clear coastal waters, make it easy to take in the vitality of the world on the ocean floor. All kinds of rare hard and soft coral can be found here, and the cute tropical fish are like me - they love to play in the sea
So many fish! I wonder if I・m a pretty fish in their eyes.Coral reefs cover a large part of the ocean floor around Green Island, making the waters here ideal for schools of fish of all kinds. That・s why the island has over 10 coastal diving spots.
Now,we go to the diving,So attention don・t touch any animals and coral. So enjoy under water.After suiting up, I・m ready to explore Green Island・s beautiful seafloor.Let・s go.Underwater, every scene is breathtaking. Looking at swimming schools of fish, and playing with them - the underwater world of Green Island is like a palace of crystal, and it's no wonder that many who've come here, to dive are obsessed with it.It・s kinda nervous at the beginning, but after that, it・s so fun! And I found real Nemo in the water!After touring the world-class waters around Green Island, it・s time to take a world-class break!Let・s go have a soak in some seaside hot springs.Supplied by sulfurous saltwater springs,the Zhaori Hot Springs on Green Island,are just one of three saltwater hot springs on earth.The water here is clear, without any sulfur smell, but it sure is salty! Beside the hot springs, you can also come here to prepare your own meal.It・s ready to eat.
Because the hot springs here are saltwater. So the egg is a bit salty, taste good
Want to experience what it・s like to soak in saltwater hot springs,while admiring views of the mountains and the sea? Want to know what it・s like to be able to hear ,only the sound of your breathing, as you take in the sights of an amazing,underwater world? Then you・d better check out.


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