Time for Lanyu

Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.I love to travel.I・m in Lanyu!
Located to the southeast of Taitung, Lanyu is around 48 square kilometers in size, making it Taiwan・s second-largest offshore island. With its rich natural ecology, Lanyu is like a museum of natural science in and of itself.
I heard that the name :Lanyu;,which is :Orchid Island; in English, came from a long time ago, when the island was covered in orchids like this one. Isn・t it a beautiful thought?
During Taiwan・s period under Japanese colonial rule, Lanyu was designated as an area for anthropological research , prohibiting development by outsiders, which is part of the reason why, the Yami (Tao) people indigenous to the island, have preserved their traditional culture better than other tribes across Taiwan.
Coming to Lanyu, I noticed something special about the houses here, which is you can only see their roofs!
The houses of the Yami (Tao) people are built into the ground itself. This approach in which the houses, are built underground in a communal arrangement, is meant to protect the houses against the climate of the island, which suffers typhoons every summer,and strong winds during winter.
As main building, which is where the compound・s Yami (Tao) inhabitants ,would sleep, cook, store family relics, and stage events.
The traditional lifestyle Yami(Tao) tribe ,is split between fishing and farming. The tribe・s important Flying Fish Festival in Spring,and the Harvest Festival in Fall capture that divide.
Yami (Tao) people catch flying fish , every year from March to June. During this period, tribespeople practice several taboos. One taboo that travelers need to pay attention ,to is that women aren・t allowed to touch the planked boats.
The planked boats of Lanyu are not canoes, but are assembled from wooden planks of all different sizes. What・s amazing is that,the boat・s builders will choose a different type of tree,for each piece of wood depending,on its location and function in the boat.
Though I can・t go out to sea to catch flying fish, since I・m already on Lanyu, I can・t miss out on the local cuisine!
Here is the most famous dish in Lanyu. Flying fish.I・m gonna have a taste.
You don・t even need any sauce.Just a little salt.it・s fresh and chewy .Good
Eating delicious food ,is one way to experiencing the unique culture of Lanyu. Right now, I・m learning a part of the local approach to life - which is that being content is true happiness.
Do you want to go out to sea on a planked boat? After flying fish season is over, travelers can ride them too as part of different events. I・ve already signed up - have you? I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~


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