Ecotourism in Lanyu

Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.I love to travel.Have you ever seen such amazing sea views?love wandering around Taiwan.As my first time catching crab.Countless new experiences await on this trip to Lanyu.
Lanyu・s hot,rainy,humid and windyclimate,have given rise to a special ecosystem.If you want to learn more about,the flora and fauna of the island,there are guides who can give you,a special look at what Lanyu has to offer.The people of Lanyu,the intertidal zone is like a natural refrigerator where you can find all kinds of seafood to eat.Lanyu boasts a rich and diverse marine ecosystem,thanks to the coral reefs surrounding the island, together with the warm water that the Kuroshio ocean,current brings north from the equator.Woo<sea ??urchin.
Do you want to taste it?May I?Sure.I have never seen live sea urchin at the coast, and tried to eat it right away.Mr. Chen is accompanying me on my tour of Lanyu・s ecology. He tells me that the men of the island・s indigenous tribe,have the responsibility of catching fish out at sea,while the intertidal zone,is the realm of the Yami (Tao)women.Fresh, a bit salty.Exploring the intertidal zone and the animals that live there is an amazing experience.Looking for the treasure in the intertidal zone,makes me love this place more.After treasure hunting in the intertidal zone,I'm in lighter clothes,preparing for Mr.Chen to take me from the beach,to explore the island's forested interior.
On Lanyu,there・s another interesting sight, that catches the eye of travelers - mountain goats! What・s cool is that you can even see,them standing on top of some of the steepest rocks.The main reason mountain goats climb these rocks,is to lick the salt deposited on them.This salt is the goats・ most important source of minerals
You are so lucky, It's called coconut crab.The local people in Lanyu call it;Mipeyso^Walking backwards;It・s so pretty? Yes,It is.This is coconut crab.It・s protected animal. So remember. Be nice to her.Lanyu・s natural habitat is a mix of,those found on Taiwan and the Philippines,including many animals and plants,rarely found on the Taiwanese mainland.
Listening to Mr. Chen・s explanation,thanks to this ecological tour,I・ve learned how tightly and harmoniously surroundings, are tied to livelihoods.That・s one of the special lessons that Lanyu can teach you.I learn a lot from this adventure. Lanyu is a place with so much fun.How could you not come! I am Poyu Lin,enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~


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