Lanyu round-the-island tour

Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.For this trip, I・ve come to Lanyu for a round-the-island tour!
Lanyu is a volcanic island,it was created by tectonic movement,of the Philippine Sea Plate. Lanyu・s current geography is a result of years of erosion from wind,rain, and sea.Nature・s creations line Lanyu・s coastal road.Walking along the road is like touring an outdoor museum dedicated to stone sculpture!With anticipation,I・m on Lanyu looking forward to my next big surprise!
Hi, where are you from?I come from Los Angeles.How do you feel about Lanyu?
I love it,It is a beautiful island.Spectacular.It・s gorgeous,Lovely.On the northern part of the coastal highway, the sight of these towering vertical rock formations next to caves,lets you feel the grand scale of nature,while reminding you of your own small size.
This masterpiece of nature is called Five Hole Cave,these huge sea caves,were formed from rock that was abruptly pushed out of the sea,before being eroded by strong northeast monsoon winds.Five Hole Cave is made up of five adjacent cave openings, each of which has its own name given by the locals.
The third one is called :Sumo Cave,; where it・s said that the locals wrestled,to settle their conflicts.Indigenous island residents,saw the caves as a forbidden area,and called them the home of evil spirits.My eyes really lit up,at the sight of Lovers・ Cave in Dongqing Bay.The sea cave shaped like an arched door is majestic, and lies on Lanyu・s biggest beach,which is also the first place in Taiwan,to see the sun rise each new day!It・s been a long walk, and while I・m resting, the locals are kind enough,to show me this spot,called Yeyin Cold Spring.
Nestled in the intertidal zone along the coast,Yeyin Cold Spring actually has fresh water in its pools.What・s more,it・s one of the few places where you can see white sand on Lanyu.Taking in its fantastic views,I celebrate my first time bathing in volcanic springs next to the ocean,a special experience.After resting for a bit,it・s time to continue south.Not long after,I・m saw :Little Orchid Island.; It・s the most visible landmark in the southern part of Lanyu.
:Little Orchid Island,;which happens to be an important place,for the Yami people when they・re out catching flying fish!As Lanyu is surrounded on all sides of coral reefs, and Green Field is an elevated plateau formed from coral.It・s also one of the island・s prime spots,for watching the sun set.Wow~ what a great view!With such beautiful scenery,how could you not take a few pictures?
It・s hard to see all of Lanyu・s beauty in just one day,so I・m continuing my trip. But today has already reminded me,of the treasures that Taiwan・s offshore islands hold. What are you waiting for?Come and enjoy yourself on Lanyu!


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