Yufu Bikeway

Welcome to Taiwan, I am Po yu Lin. I love to ride bikes, because I like the feeling of seeing, what I want at my own speed! For this bike trip, I’m going somewhere with many world-class natural attractions – Hualien.
Hualien Is a good place, I think it’s beautiful, have a ocean here, have a mountains here, and Clean air. Hualien is Taiwan’s largest county by land area, and some say that it’s also one of the island’s prettiest. It’s worth mentioning that, Hualien was voted 7th in Asia, in Trip Advisor’s Destinations, on the Rise awards in 2016. Taroko National Park, the East Rift Valley, and other scenic, regions in Hualien all proved popular among netizens, and so our goal for today’ s trip, is to visit some of these one-of-a-kind attractions. The path is called Yufu Bikeway. It’s about 10 kilometers long, the coolest parts, is that it goes over a “rising bridge.” Doesn’t that sound novel? Let’s take a look.
Located between Hualien’s Yuli and Fuli Townships, the Yufu Bikeway is a scenic road, built along the route of an old railway line. Aside from its amazing scenery, the path also passes a geological site, that’s the only one of its kind in the world. Look! One of my feet is on the Eurasian plate, and another one is on the Philippine Sea plate! So the section of bridge spans the fault at the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, right? Yes, that's right, every year, the ground here rises about 2 centimeters. What an unforgettable experience! Riding on the fault, between these two tectonic plates, and on this rising bikeway, miles of verdant rice paddies stretch out, like puzzle pieces, creating a stunning collage and putting me in a good mood!
It’s used to be an old train station. Stopping here, it feels like you’re waiting for the next train to arrive. Yufu Bikeway is smooth and straight, letting travelers focus instead, on the surrounding scenery. It’s not too long before we reach the end of the path, Dongli Cycling Station. The old Dongli Train Station, has been kept remarkably intact. But what’s especially interesting to me, is that there’s a tree on the roof of the platform! Besides this meeting of architecture and mother nature, the platform at Dongli Train Station offers vast panoramas, and glimpses of trains making their way through the rice paddies, making it a must-see on your trip.
At the end of my bike trip, I head back to Yuli, where I have the special local cuisine waiting for me. Local people recommend me this wheel pancake. It’s a great deal, and must eat snake when you come to Yuli. It’s Creamy, fantastic. It’s been an unforgettable bike expedition in Hualien! If you also like to ride, come to Hualien to ride the Yufu Bikeway for yourself.