Hualien Route-Liyu Lake

I take pictures ,to preserve my life・s most beautiful moments.And here, every season, brings stunning scenes of natural beauty!Today, I・m in Huali en・s Liyu Lake.
Located at the northern edge of Hualien・s East Rift Valley, Liyu Lake, at 104 hectares in size, is the county・s largest inland lake. Today, a local friend of mine is taking me to see the lake from a slightly.
Before,many years ago, Liyu Lake was so large so huge.Liyu Lake was originally,a drainage basin for the Gutonglan River. But tectonic activity diverted Gutonglan River, and Wenlan River was blocked up by silt and erosion,forming the Liyu Lake of today. What・s unique is that,the water in the lake comes from a underground spring, and is clear all year round.
Gilbert say that takeing a pedal boat, is another way to tour the lake,From the surface of the lake, you can see another kind of vastness, and experiencing a special calm.After experiencing Liyu Lake up close from its surface, I wanted to appreciate its scenery from a different angle,on a round-the-lake trail. Walking on the trail, you can really take in the slow-paced atmosphere,that Hualien is famous for.Gilbert,is that the mountain trail up to the top?Yes,it・s go up top of the mountain,you can look at all the scenery of Liyu Mountain.Ok, so excited,let・s go~
People from Hualien always say, :You can only see the real beauty of Liyu Lake, from the mountain trail.; Each turn presents a new view of Liyu Lake, and the environment on Liyu Mountain ,has been well preserved, making it a rich habitat for plants.It・s pretty relaxing when climbing up.And later on,we・re going to be on the top of Liyu Mountain 601 meters heighe.
The East Rift Valley, is wedged between the mountains on Taiwan・s eastern coast, and the island・s central mountain range. Looking at this scene, you might understand why you often hear people say,that you can・t come to Taiwan without coming to Hualien!
At Liyu Lake, there is one local dish that you absolutely have to try!

This local famous dish is call live"Dancing Shrimp"it・s still alive.Fresh.Taste good
On this trip, I・ve tried the very fresh local dish of live "Dancing Shrimp" and I・ve seen the scenery of Liyu Lake from every angle. I even surveyed the beauty of the East Rift valley from on top of Liyu Mountain! If you want to see this all for yourself, you・d better come to Hualien.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao



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