The Pier-2 Art Center

Kaohsiung・s beauty.Kaohsiung・s quirk.Kaohsiung・s creativity.Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.When traveling in Kaohsiung,how can・t you miss out on, the Pier-2 Art Center.
As southern Taiwan・s most modern city, Kaohsiung is in a constant cycle of aesthetic rebirth, lending vitality and vigor to it・s arts and culture.Welcome to the Pier 2 art center. It・s a place where composed by the warehouses ,and also the harbor side and railway and also it・s kind of to,replace and reflow into the art center.
Covering 18 hectares the Pier-2 Art Center, is made up of three main areas - Dayi, Dayong, and Penglai - and comprises 25 repurposed warehouses.The size of Pier-2 ,has attracted many artists and creative shops, making it a must-see attraction in Kaohsiung.The Pier-2 Art Center, is Kaohsiung・s most notable creative hub. When coming here, it・s a great idea to pick up a Pier-2 Pass!
For the first stop on my tour, I・ve chosen to head to the Memories of Pier-2 Warehouses. Can you imagine that such a well-designed space, was once a place for loading goods?This series of photographs, eloquently expresses the changes ,that Kaohsiung underwent in each stage of its history. It・s an ideal start to my tour of Pier-2 Art Center!
These two figures sitting under the top,are Pier-2・s own celebrities, the one with a big hat is:Juan Juan Bao;, another one is :Tai Kong Bao;.As suggested in its name,:Sit here, do nothing.;, the idea behind the work is to remind the tourists, who see the pair to slow down a bit.Wandering through the warehouse・s connected spaces.Enjoying every minute and every second of your time, at Pier-2 is the best way to experience it.
A lot of people are waiting in line, I can't wait to experience the special alright
Because the Penglai area of Pier-2, borders the site of Kaohsiung・s first railway station, planners created the Hamasen Pier-2 Line.
Behind the row of warehouses is a vast field, with century-old train tracks in a radiating pattern stretching out, under a range of large metal sculptures. It・s a sight I・ve never seen before!These six meter-tall statues of workers and fisherwomen,are symbols of the Penglai Area, and of Kaohsiung・s identity as an industrial port city.
I love to wander here, breathing in the sea breeze, while contemplating these works of art. It・s a special cultural experience that only Pier-2 offers.
Oh right! Did you notice,that with these workers and fisherwomen, whether you look at them from the back or front, their backs always seem turned? If you want to know why, you・d better come to Pier-2 , find the answer!



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