K.P.P Pass

Welcome to Taiwan.Glass artwork that will amaze you.A hundred year-old railway station.A beautiful river for true romantics.All of these gorgeous vistas await you in Kaohsiung.Kaohsiung is Taiwan・s maritime capitol, and a beautiful city that sit at the intersection, of the sea, a mountain, and a river.Traveling in Kaohsiung, you・ll have access to convenient transportation, but if you have a Taiwan Pass, getting around is even easier!
At 30 meters in diameter, this public art installation, is called the :Dome of Light.; Isn・t it inspiring?Formosa Boulevard Station,lies at the intersection of the Kaohsiung MRT・s,orange and red lines.The public artwork,combines elements of glass art,illustrated storytelling,and light shows.Looking at it,I can・t help but be stunned. My trip to Kaohsiung starts here,at the subway station voted the world・s second most beautiful, by the US travel website BootsnAll.
Here is the Takao Railway Museum, use to be the first railway station in Kaohsiung.
Here, display thousands of books,on the history of Taiwan・s railways,provide a window on the nation・s railway culture.In the stationmaster・s office, you can even try on the uniforms and hats,worn by railroad workers from that era, and get a taste of what it was,like to be the stationmaster!This sheet full of lines, what is this?
This is a kind of timetable used by staff. As you can see,every line stands for a specific train.Next to outside the station building,sit a line of rare steam locomotives. Even though they・re officially :retired,; they・re still a handsome sight to behold.
This particular locomotive, designated DT609, it・s only one of this kind to have preserve!After touring the exhibit, I rented a bike and headed for Kaohsiung's beautiful Love River. Thanks to a series of public works projects, the banks of Love River are now, home to some of Taiwan's most unique,riverside leisure venues. But the riverbanks aren't the only place,to admire the beauty of Love River - you can also head out on to the river itself, to experience the romance first-hand.Kaohsiung・s early development began,along its ocean coast and proceeded up it・s river. Now I・m getting ready to take in,the city・s beauty from river by the gondola.It・s an exotic feeling as the gondola, glides along the river・s surface. My trip today is coming to an end, against the background of a moving song, and the city・s nighttime lights on the water.Take gondola, listen to beautiful song,and enjoy the view of love river, I feel like falling in love.