Xiaoliuqiu ocean voyage

Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.How pretty!Taste good!I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.I see the sea turtle,How cute!Today, I・m in Xiaoliuqiu for an ocean voyage.The special island of Xiaoliuqiu boasts different landscapes on its northern and southern coasts.
And interesting thing is from this angle,Do you think the shape of Xiaoliuqiu,looks like
huge sea turtle.Taking a boat is another way to see Xiaoliuqiu and it・s unique coral limestone geology.The island is one of only seven coral islands on earth,bigger than 1 square kilometer. Because coral are only able to grow,in extremely clean seas, you can imagine,the sorts of unmissable spectacleson offer,in it・s coastal waters.
Is that the sea turtle?Yes,it・s green sea turtle, Xiaoliuqiu is best place to see the sea turtle.You can say that Xiaoliuqiu, is something of a theme park for sea turtles, and the green sea turtle, is the star of the show. Because these corals attract fish, the more corals there are, the more diverse the ecosystem becomes.There are so many tropical fish swimming around, it・s like the real-life version of Finding Nemo!
Every new surprise,makes me more eager to see the beauty, of this underwater world up close.It・s so cool! You can actually swim alongside the sea turtles, but remember follow the ocean rules, be polite, and don・t scare them!
The vast sea offers plenty of other delights ,that are waiting for everyone to experience themselves.It・s a blast no matter if you stand, sit, kneel, or even go on your stomach.The trainer says that the reason SUP is popular ,is because it・s simpler than surfing ,while letting you get closer to the water than rowing. You could say it・s an upgraded version of kayaking.Playing in the water will make you hungry, though. Having come to Xiaoliuqiu, to explore the natural wonders of its coral reefs, I couldn・t miss out on, a taste of some of the local dishes, like these sugary sesame cookies!
Crunch, sweet, taste good.Dingbiancuo.The flat noodles have a rice fragrance!
There・s another traditional Xiaoliuqiu dish,called the Liuqiu Bowl, which is simmered with local pork and dried squid,so that the pork is especially tender.
You should definitely come in person and have a try, I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao.While chowing down, I couldn・t stop thinking about, my ocean adventures earlier today. If you・re like me, you won・t want to leave this incredible island~



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