Time for Xiaoliuqiu

Time for Taiwan.Taiwan is surrounded by a number of gorgeous offshore islands.
And every small island has its own unique charm.Of these offshore islands, this is Taiwan・s only one formed from coral, Xiaoliuqiu.Unlike Taiwan・s other offshore islands,which were formed from volcanic rocks, Xiaoliuqiu,covering an area of only 6.8 square kilometers, is composed of a limestone foundation left by coral reefs.The coast of the island,is full of different limestone formations shaped by those reefs
Along the southeast coast of Xiaoliuqiu, you can see the magnificent Houshi Fringing Reef. With a little imagination, you can see how the trenches,resemble the folds of a pleated skirt.Lining the coastal road,are rocks of all different shapes and sizes.You won・t be able to stop taking pictures!
Of these many coral limestone formations,the ones that first emerged from the sea are near Vase Rock.You can・t help but be amazed by the genius of mother nature. Look at this one - doesn・t it resemble a vase for flowers?Vase Rock,one of Xiaoliuqiu・s major landmarks.The special porous volcanic rock, at the top of the Vase is favorable to plant growth,which is why a number of wind and saline-resistant plants,are able to cover it.This is area it・s called Beauty Cave, but how beautiful is it really? Let・s go in for a look.The area is famous for its many and varied caves and grottoes, untouched by human hands. Along the sea, you can hear the crashing of waves,standing on a ledge, you can take in the vast seascape.
In during ancient time, women normally came here, for carrying the water back for their daily purpose. And the people think there are a lot of women, beautiful women. Right? That・s the reason why it called as, the Beauty Cave.This here is Wild Boar Ditch, The ditch offers a wooden walkway and an observation deck, but is not otherwise marked by other signs of human development, making it the best kept spot on the island for a forest walk.The plants here grow so dense, it feels like virgin forest. and rock wall is full of banyan roots.
That・s because the banyan tree secretes, an acidic substance that breaks down calcium, making it easy for the plant to grow on limestone.The coast of Xiaoliuqiu, is mainly made up of coral limestone formations shaped by erosion.There・s only a few sections of sandy coastline,that are the result of the accumulation of sediment, the largest of which is Geban Bay.I・m not done with Xiaoliuqiu, I hope you・ll join me for another round!The beauty left behind by coral reefs,continues to amaze travelers to Xiaoliuqiu,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan, Ciao~



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