Ecotourism in Taiwan

In Pingtung County, there・s a place that gets nearly 300 days of sunshine per year
Welcome to Taiwan,Come with me today have a trip to Dapeng Bay.I love to travel
This is Dapeng Bay.I love wandering around Taiwan.This is also Dapeng Bay.
Dapeng Bay was first developed ,more than 300 years ago. In the early years of ,Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan, it was a restricted military base. Now, having been opened to the public, Dapeng Bay has been turned into a rich tourism destination, thanks to its special geographical features.
There・s two good ways to discover Dapeng Bay. You can choose to see it by land, or like me, tour it by boat.Using different angles, to appreciate the beauty of Dapeng Bay is great ,because the bay is Taiwan・s only ,bag-shaped lagoon with a single outlet. The lagoon enjoys breezes but is protected from waves, making it ideal for all kinds of aquatic activities. Woo<it・s cool.Do you want to try? May I? Yah,this is rudder,so your hand hold on.Sailboats get their power from the wind, and if you want to steer them in a different direction, you have to use the rudder.I think ,I can be the captain
It sounds simple, but controlling it takes a bit of practice and experience. With the help of a trainer, though, a quick crash-course, in sailing was enough to give me a taste, of what it・s like to be out on the water.That bridge ahead has a really interesting design. It looks like a sailboat we are taking right now!Right, exactly. That is one of the famous attraction among Dapeng Bay Area. During holidays, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially the bridge opening show.Really
The Dapeng Bay Bridge, was Taiwan・s first scenic moveable bridge. Because it spans the only point of access to the lagoon, the bridge was designed with a 20-meter section, that can be raised ,to let larger boats pass through.Feature is both practical,and a big draw for visitors to Dapeng Bay.Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, is also home to six different artificial wetlands, which aid in water purification and ecological diversification efforts. At the same time, these wetlands, serve as a natural classroom for those coming here for leisure. Dapeng Bay has rich mangrove forests to see. Now, those who want to experience , have a new option for doing so.Paddling a kayak!
That appear as you paddle down the waterway, combine to make an unforgettable scene. Navigating the wetlands by boat, is a really surreal experience.So these plants are classified as the Black Mangrove. So one of it・s characteristics, it can thrive in very salty, as well as very windy environment.I・ve experienced so many firsts exploring, the rich natural environment of, this peaceful aquatic holiday destination.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan, Ciao~



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