Ecotourism in Taiwan

The first thing that most people coming to Kenting ,while think of is the beach, but actually,the Kenting is the source of delights and surprises.I am in Kenting National Forest Recreation Area.Welcome to Taiwan, I am Poyu Lin.
Come with me, and you・ll see a whole other side of Kenting.Covering 435 hectares, Kenting National Forest Recreation Area,has a warm rainy climate, that・s given rise to a rich diversity of plant life. The park is also home to, Taiwan・s only tropical botanical gardens.Julian, is that a tree?Yeah,You guess how many trees here?Probably 10?
It・s only 1 tree here.One?Actually what you saw the prop roots,are the aerial roots of the ficus benjamina.When those aerial roots touch the land,they will grow to be wider and stronger. One day they will become another trunk of the tree. Maybe someday the main trunk will be decayed, but those ficus are still alive with those prop roots.Because the trunk is changeable, so some person calls it a :walking tree;.
The Forest Recreation Area is covered with trees,while enjoying a walk through the forest, I noticed that hundred year-old trees, are nothing if not common here
This is Looking Glass Tree. It・s over 400 years old.Why the bottom part so weird?
This is it・s root.Root? Yeah.Why is the root look like flat boards?We call it :Buttress Root;, one character of tropical rain forest.
In tropical rain forest, it is rainy and moist. The soil is lost soon and easily. To support the big tree, the root becomes flared to be more stable, and provides respiratory function. This is the largest buttress root in Taiwan.Besides being more clear with for tropical plants ,geology is another highlight in this area.Guides tells me that Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, is a high-level coral reef,that tens of thousands of years ago, the whole area here was actually on the seafloor.Poyu, do you know stalactites?I heard about that.You are so lucky. Now you are seeing the forming of stalactites.Stalactites often form,in caves that never see the light of day. Because they're formed over such long periods, stalactites are important to the study of historical changes in earth's crust.
I feel like walking in maze here.In this area, you・ll find something interesting, which is that the whole area is covered, with these coral reef sticking out of the ground
Wind and rain are what carves and sculpts coral. Long periods left exposed to the elements and resulting erosion has left coral, features of all shapes and sizes
Eco-tourism is another great way, to see Taiwan・s natural beauty, If you have time, you should definitely come experience.



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