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Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.Taiwan is a beautiful country of great diversity. Though they make up only 2 percent of the population, the members of Taiwan・s 16 indigenous tribes have made enormous contributions to Taiwan・s culture and arts
Today,I・m going to see some indigenous art.I・m in Sandimen.
Located at the Pingtung, Sandimen is a community of the Paiwan and Rukai indigenous tribe.We began this trip with the guidance of our local friend Lawakau. Lawakau says that when in Sandimen, you absolutely can't miss out on Sandimen Handicraft Trail.What it that unique house.The house is belong to chiefs house,as you can see the chiefs house,always has beautiful sculpture.
Among Taiwan・s indigenous tribes, the Paiwan may be the one most involved in the arts. The tribe boasts a number of famous artists, many of whom derive inspiration from the myths and traditional symbols of Paiwan culture.There・s a real sense of raw, elemental nature in this creative works here. Look at all the ceramic pots with snake symbols.The ceramic vessels made by Paiwan artists can be divided into :father; and :mother; styles. Vessels with both designs are known as :yin-yang; pots, and hold even greater symbolic importance.No showy shop signs decorate the fronts of the artist workshops in Sandimen, but walking in, you・ll see plenty of amazing things.
In Paiwan society, these kinds of colorful glass beads was the exclusive property ,and important part of attire at family ceremonies such as weddings.
How do I look like?Listening to the locals explain the beads and their meanings, I decided to make my own glass beads.The colors and patterns in the glass beads are made from strands of heated glass. I have to be really concentrated on it.I got potential,right?Cuisine and travel are inseparable.how could I miss out on their delicious delicacies.I can・t wait to taste it,chopsticks,No need.I know this one, Avay
Sandimen is known as Dimoer in the Paiwan language, a name which means :children of the son.; In the Sandimen, there・s also a art park which bears the name :Dimoer;.Now,we are in Dimoer Park,here you can see beautiful scenery,and also you can see some,Rukai and Paiwan people art work.The Park also serves as a venue for the local Paiwan tribe・s major harvest festival and other religious events. In recent years, it・s even become a popular spot for weddings.The culture of Taiwan・s indigenous tribes is full of artistic inspiration and life. If you have the chance, you should definitely come check it out!