Time for Nangan

I am Uyan,and I come from Brazil.Traveling around Taiwan,every stop offers a new surprise. Taiwan is beautiful, it’s so are outlying islands.How do feel about Matsu?
It’s very interesting,because I really love about this history of China.Now, I want to travel around to help you fall in love with Taiwan too.Join me on today’s ”Time for Taiwan”.
With a sincere heart, I’m going to Matsu today to worship the goddess Mazu.From the beginning the Matsu people depended on the sea for their living,and Mazu she is the goddess of the sea, fast she became the center of the folk religion, and this temple is said to be, the most famous Mazu temple.The goddess Mazu is said to have originally been a woman named Lin Mo-niang,who lived during the Song dynasty. According to the story, she jumped into the sea,rescue her father only to perish herself. Her body floated from Meizhou,Fujian all the way ,to the coast off Matsu Township in Nangan.The people of the island celebrated her for her filial piety ,and gave her a saint’s burial.The site of her tomb is at the direct center,of Mazu Temple in Matsu Township.Because of the depth of their belief in Mazu, her followers built a park dedicated to their religion and culture on the mountain near Matsu Township.
It's the first time that I see,such a huge statue of Mazu, she looks so calm and benevolent, makes me feel so peaceful.
The 29.6-meter-high Mazu,situated on a boat-shaped base and facing the ocean, The whole statue is made from 365 separate pieces of stone carved and fit together, symbolizing peace for every day of the year.As you can see, this tunnel was once used in the past for military purpose, but now it is used for praying.Below the statue of Mazu is an underground tunnel, discovered while the park was under construction!
I really like this place,it’s really interesting ! You can see a lot of drawings on the floor
The outside view is so beautiful.Because of military needs, the Matsu Defense Command initiated the ‘Beihai Plan’ in 1968. The plan involved drilling a number of so-called ‘underground docks’ into the islands.
If you come to Matsu without coming to the Beihai tunnel it means you didn’t come to Matsu at all. Want to know why I say that ? You have to come with me Beihai Tunnel were dug with explosives, and by the tools of the soldiers themselves, who labored around the clock, for 820 days to finish the project.When visiting tunnel, you can choose whether to see it by foot or by boat.I would never imagine that such a big tunnel would all be dug out only with the soldiers excavations tools, no big machines, incredible.This trip to the outlying island of Matsu,has been a really stunning experience. If you have the chance, you should definitely come to experience,the beauty of Matsu for yourself!


馬祖風情畫 卡蹓南竿

外面的景色,好美!因戰略需要,馬祖防衛部,於1968年啟動「北海計畫」,計畫就是在多處開鑿,所謂的「地下碼頭」,成為島上的攻防設施。來馬祖沒參觀北海坑道,就等於你沒來過馬祖,想知道為什麼嗎?跟我去瞧瞧~北海坑道當年除了炸藥之外,全靠阿兵哥一鑿一斧, 24小時不停趕工,歷時820天才完成,參觀坑道,可選擇走環繞步道,或是搭船。真難以想像,如此大的坑道,開鑿的工程,竟然是靠著阿兵哥的力量完成,完全沒使用重機具,了不起!