Time for Dongju

The first time I came to Taiwan,I just fell in love with this place,and decided to live here!Traveling around Taiwan, every stop offers a new surprise.Now, I want to travel around to help you fall in love with Taiwan too!I am Uyan, I come from Brazil ! But today, I bring Juguang to you.
The seas around Matsu are home to 36 different islands, both big and small. Dongju Island is the most southern of them all.I heard that to make full walk around of this island, it only takes 3 hours, so I decided to experience it myself.Be just walk around,and enjoy the scenery, let’s go.
When in Dongju, seeing its old houses is a must. The people of the island they have a saying: “Fuzheng in the summer, Dapu in the winter.” It refers to the two major traditional fishing villages on Dongju.In the past, people used to record on the stone. Do you want to see a piece,of history that has 400 years old ?
Thanks to preservation efforts by government agencies in recent years, Matsu’s traditional villages will live on as one of Taiwan’s precious cultural legacies.As you can see here,where most of the buildings they are all made of stones, but their design most important characteristic is the rooftop, where you can both sides of the buildings, the walls are more elevated, their purpose is to prevent the fire from spreading to the other neighbors. Their name is fire walls.
The hill behind Fuzheng Village,is the site of a old lighthouse built in 1872. It was Taiwan’s first, western-style lighthouse to be built with granite, and has a strong European feel.Once upon a time, this lighthouse keeper realized,when he walks through this pathway, over there to that place to that place, his oil-lamp fire was blown away by the wind. So he was smart enough,to create this white wall,so his oil lamp,can not get blown off it.Beyond cultural tours, sampling local culinary delicacies is another important part of any good trip.
If you come to Juguang,you can not miss out their most popular dessert.And another two things,you can not miss out, is this delicious scallion pie together with this Roselle tea, want to join?Having eaten and drunk my fill, I’m off again on my tour of Dongju.One island in particular has a shape that’s grabbed my attention.Of the small islands that are part of Dongju,Xiniu Islet is the only one that becomes linked to Dongju when the tides go out!
Looking at this amazing landscape,you have to agree with me, nature is just beautiful! And if you came this place on spring, you can see with your own eyes the worlds nature most beautiful spectacle,of the blue tears.In This trip,I’ve experienced the simplicity and purity of Dongju.If you like the feeling of leaving the world behind,you should definitely pay a visit to Matsu’s Dongju Island.
I am Uyan, and looking for our next adventure,ciao !


馬祖風情畫 慢遊東莒

除了文化巡禮,品嚐美食也是旅行重要的體驗之一,來到莒光,這超人氣的小吃絕對不能錯過~另外還有兩樣在地美食,也不能錯過,一個就是香噴噴的蔥油餅,以及這杯洛神花茶,想一起吃嗎? 吃飽喝足繼續我在東莒的環島旅行。旅途中有一座島嶼的形狀,非常吸引我的注意,東莒附屬的小島中,犀牛嶼是唯一一個,退潮後跟本島連接的「陸連島」!