Time for Beigan

I・m Uyan, and I come from Brazil!
Traveling around Taiwan, every stop offers a new surprise.I finally arrived in Beigan, let・s go.Taiwan is beautiful, and so are its outlying islands. Now, I want to use travel around to help you fall in love with Taiwan too!Join me on today・s .Time for Taiwan・.
Matsu is made up of four townships across five main islands.The vast sea surrounding Taiwan is studded,with several outlying islands lying like jewels in the ocean.One of these is the Matsu Archipelago, which has been compared to a string,of pearls scattered outside the mouth of the Minjiang River.I am so excited today because this is my first stop in Matsu, and I going to tell you something, this place is very special ! it・s call Qinbi village!
Qinbi Village is a prime example of an old-style Matsu village.In years past, the beautiful village prospered from the fishing industry.But when Matsu was thrust onto the frontlines of cross-strait conflict,most of its inhabitants moved to Taiwan, leaving the buildings empty.
Qinbi village,it・s name has a very interesting origin, it is related to a small island over there.The small island has a very nice name, its called "Qin ji?n", what it means ? It means turtle.
Qinbi Village・s residents,in the early days when there was a lack of resources,the construction methods for these buildings used simply stacked pieces,of stones without extra cutting to build walls.
All of these stone buildings,they were built from local materials collected by the original inhabitants,and what is more amazing is each building looks very different, their architectural design is so creative that makes me love this place.
After residents grew prosperous, they used more elaborate techniques,leading to, the development of diagonal and horizontal masonry techniques.Now I finally understand what my local friend just told me,based on the stones arrangement you can guess the persons social status.Aside from the beguiling beauty of its architecture,Qinbi Village is home to a unique set of folk religious beliefs.This temple to the goddess Matsu on Beigan island is best known as a place for paying tribute to frog deity, who is unique among the deities worshiped in Matsu and gives Qinbi Village a special cultural identity.
Walking on the winding stone steps in Qinbi Village is like making your way through a small maze. If you aren・t careful, you might just walk into someone・s home. Of course, it・s also easy to find, a cafe that・s perfect for enjoying some leisure time.
Hello,welcome.Man,this place looks good, and smells really good.Thanks,we made some good food for our customers.All been by yourself.We use local sweet potatoes
So,can I have try?So,this is like sweet potato and bread.
Yes.Man.Delicious,very good.
Walking for so long makes me so hungry, this dish is a must eat in Matsu, let・s try it
I・ve seen the beauty of the Mediterranean in Matsu. Isn・t it cool to travel in Taiwan?I love Taiwan, and I・ve fallen in love with the beauty of Qinbi Village. I・m Uyan, and I hope to see you next time for more adventures! Ciao!


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