Lieyu Township one-day tour

I love to travel.Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu wandering around Taiwan.
I am in Lieyu!My destination today is Lieyu Township, the westernmost part of Taiwan・s territory.Hi, Where are you from?London.Brighton England.So, Where are you going to next stop.We are going make for gongtang.gongtang.
Yeah gongtang,which is really nice, so,there is the main hightlight to me.
When the two sides of the strait were still in a military standoff, Lieyu was at the very front lines of the conflict. Now, the defensive structures built on the island are special draws for tourists.So, the first thing we should do, Michael?we are going to ride the electric scooters, because the government right now tries to promote the low-carbon tour. So, let・s go.Lieyu is a tiny island with an area of only 16 square kilometers. With clean air and aggressive environmental policies, the best way to get around the island is by electric scooter!The first stop in my battlefield tour! Shaxi Fort.Shaxi Fort is located on a peninsula at the southwest corner of Lieyu, and was built in 1971 by an elite army division.
Poyu, you know this place. Because this island looks like a rhino. The rhino horn, the horn is this location, but here we keep this island as its original, keep it nature. You can enjoy natural beauty.The second stop in my battlefield tour! L36 Fortress
L36 Fortress, is in a small basin near the coast. When Lieyu was under military control, this area used to be a beach. But to prevent the enemy from attacking during high tide, the army built a line of coastal defenses here.This statue of an imposing soldier take you back to the time when this place was under attack.After a tense and exciting tour of the battlefield, it・s time to sample some of Lieyu・s delicious delicacies!
The first item in our culinary tour is gongtang!Gongtang is a type of peanut candy. It・s said that these candies were used in the Ming dynasty to pay tribute to the emperor, and were named gongtang after the Chinese word for :tribute.;Gongtang is all made by machine now,but in old days,they had to use this kind of wood hammer,pound hard at this hundred times.Poyu・s handmade.
The second item in our culinary tour is taros.That they use so-called;betelnut taros;grown on Lieyu itself, which are really delicious because of the island・s soil.
Hot.Soft.If you don・t eat any taro,it・s as if you・re never come in the first place
To all of my friends across the world, this enchanting offshore island of Taiwan is waiting for you to visit!



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