Shishan Folk Culture Village Route
Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.I arrived in Kinmen, there is a local friend of mine,wait for me.Kinmen is only 3 kilometers wide at its narrowest point, and about 20 kilometers long from east to west.Kinmen is a battlefield on the frontlines.
Also and island that・s centered around cultural and historic sites.
I・m making a special visit to my local friend Michael, who・s going to take me to experience the island. We・re riding the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to Shanhou Folk Culture Village.Shanhou Folk Culture Village is a complex of 18 grand old residences from the time of the Qing Guangxu emperor.This building was lay out symmetrically, looks like a chessboard.Yes, actually, that building, you can see roof at two both ends pointed to the sky. That we called it swallow-tailed. Only people in government with the high position allowed to construct this type of structures.
Shanhou Folk Culture Village is a perfect example of a traditional Minnan-style village in Kinmen. To guard against intruders, they designed many interesting defensive devices.Poyu, can you guess what this for?For drain purpose?No,actually,they hide the treasure inside it. They used the long hairs to wrap the jewelry. Then, put stool on the top.Stool?Yes.Pretty smart!
Not only is the design of the safe box really special, the tiles on top of the outer wall are cut into triangular pieces, in a measure used to ward against thieves.Poyu, you know, this is a private school. This private school has a name called the :sea pearl hall;, because in the left side you can see in every morning the sun rises from the ocean. So, it・s very beautiful and gorgeous.Each brick and tile of the residences in Shanhou gives you a glimpse of what Kinmen used to look like. It・s like going back in time.Poyu, have you ever tried oyster noodle in Taiwan?Of course, it・s one of most delicious food in Taiwan.But you should try that in Kinmen. The flavor is totally different.Oh, really?Though they share outward similarities with more conventional oyster dishes, these oyster pancakes and bowls of oyster vermicelli have a flavor that can only be found in Shanhou Folk Culture Village.Very tasty.
Michael, I think here is really great place to take photos.Yes, in addition to that traditional buildings. I think one thing deserved you to take photos.Wind Lion God?
Yes, you got it. You are so smart.The Wind Lion God is a local Kinmen deity believed to bring good fortune. When you come to Kinmen, you can go from place to place looking for Wind Lion God statues to experience a different kind of travel experience.
Kinmen has all sorts of fascinating culture to share. It・s all waiting for you to enjoy!I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~