Ten Drum Art Percussion Village

This forgotten century-old industrial heritage was reborn.Thanks to the hard work of a group of drummers and performers, here, percussion has breathed new life into an old sugar factory.Welcome to TAIWAN.
The power and beauty of drumming isn’t just about performance.I’m about to arrive at Ten Drum Art Percussion Village in Tainan.This place originally is a sugar factory more than 100 years. But after 2004,Ten Drum group just rent this place and made it culture and creative park.What was once an abandoned factory has gained a new lease on life amid the drumming of the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group. Now, it’s also a place for passing down old drum-making techniques.
The village covers 7.5 hectares. The 30 old storehouses left over from the Japanese period have all been transformed into spaces for artistic innovation.Woo∼Jack,it’s look like a lounge bar here,so, What’s the function of this room,back then?Actually this place is originally the last stop of the sugar factory, it’s a packing place.This skywalk that winds around a hundred-year-old tree extends for 349 meters, and reaches a height of 15 meters..
Walking on this skywalk is a special feeling. it lets you admire the outside of the village from a different height and angle.I’ve followed the tour route to the highest point in the village, which is a great place to survey the surrounding area and an even better spot for taking in the nighttime skyline of Tainan.This used to be a tank for storing molasses, the largest at the factory. Now it’s a cafe filled with the aroma of coffee.The village also offers some unique experiences for those who want something more exciting than the scenery.
Let's go! one two three.Oh my God.About six seconds to reach the ground.
Do I not remind you of a secret agent straight out of a movie?Do you know how tall it is? From top to bottom 14 meters.The village has used all this space with more creativity than I could have imagined!On this platform, there’s another activity a lets you test your courage ,a three-second free-fall.Go, jump.Extremely exciting.
What a fulfilling trip! If you have the chance, you should definitely come and experience it for yourself.Hi,where you from?Singapore.How do you like this game?
It is fun.


聽鼓藝 看文創 玩刺激(台南)

Jack,這裡看起來像一間lounge bar,當時這裡是用來做什麼的?這地方原本是製糖的最後一站,成品糖的打包室。這條天空步道,盤繞著百年雀榕,全長349公尺,最高處達15公尺。走在天空步道的感覺很特別!園區的各處美景,可從不同高度、角度來欣賞。順著導覽動線來到園區的制高點,除了是欣賞整個園區風景外,更是欣賞台南夜景最美的景點之一。這裡原本是儲蜜槽,儲存空間是糖廠中最大的,現在是飄著咖啡香的咖啡館。在園區若你想要來點更刺激的,也可以試試不同的體驗。出發囉~1 2 3。我的天啊!大約6秒落地。