Ecotourism in Taiwan

On every trip, there’s always some little things that can really enrich your journey
Here is city boundary between Kaohsiung and Tainan,that means…I am in Kaohsiung
I am in Tainan.I am in Caoshan Moon World!I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.
Hi∼Adam.For today’s trip, I’ll have Adam, a local friend of mine, taking me around to see all the beautiful sights.The first thing Adam is taking me to see is the stunning natural landscape of Caoshan Moon World!Adam,what the amazing view.
This is the Tainan Caoshan Moon World, they’re so steep, some say they resemble the Grand Canyon.This terrain was formed around 3 million years ago by mountain-building tectonic forces at the earth’s surface.which all acquired their special appearance over a long period of erosion by wind and water.It’s like cracker
Do you want to taste?Taste?salty.Yes, it is a little salty,this kind of the soil is too alkaline.
The odd, moonlike terrain has a certain cold beauty, In geology ,it’s unique hilly terrain of sandstone and finely ground shale prevents water from being absorbed into the soil and make it difficult for plants to grow, which is why it’s known as a badland.I’m ready to take my first step on the moom.Let’s go.After enjoying nature's beauty, Adam took me for another breathtaking experience.
This is the Karma Kagyu temple, it’s tibetan Buddhism temple.Kargyu Monastery, founded in 1986 by Dorje Lopon Karma Tenzin Jigme Rinpoche, makes you feel like you’re at Shangri-La.Admiring the monastery buildings with their Sino-Tibetan aesthetics, together with the rich collection of Buddhist art on the temple grounds - it’s enough to open your eyes to a new world.This is call “Longta”,there is sutra on each flag , So, when the breeze blow, they will also bring blessing to everyone.
The main building is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha, whose statue stands 16 meters tall. It’s an incredible sight to behold.And we were really lucky that the Rinpoche, or abbot, of the monastery personally came to say a prayer for our good fortune, making this an even more memorable trip.Erliao Sunrise Pavilion in Tainan is a popular new spot to take in a sunrise.
According to Adam, Tainan has held a three-part New Year’s Festival in each of the past few years. Part one is a sunset viewing in Yantien, and part two is a countdown to midnight. Third is going to Erliao to catch the first dawn of the new year.If you want to see the sun rise, you’d better get up before the sun does!Want to take a nature trip where you won’t be able to believe your eyes? Tainan’s Moon World is waiting for you to come and experience it for yourself



台南市的二寮觀日亭,是近年新興的人氣賞日出地點。聽Adam說,台南近幾年舉辦的「台南跨年三部曲」活動,第一部曲到台南鹽田看夕陽,然後參加當地的跨年倒數,接下來就是前往二寮迎接新年的第一道曙光。想要看日出,就得起得比太陽早! 想要來一趟顛覆視覺的大自然之旅嗎?台南的月世界,等你親自來感受~