88 Anping Route

I・m about to arrive the Confucius Temple Cultural District.
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.To me, Tainan is a city of firsts!
Earliest to develop.I love Taiwan.Tastiest snacks.Taiwan,so great.Most historical sites.
Taiwan・s oldest temple to Confucius is located in Tainan.
Now,The district surrounding the Confucius Temple,the area has developed into what・s called the Confucius Temple Cultural District, Tainan・s beating heart of culture.
This archway is call:Pan Temple Stone Arch;,used to be entrance of Confucius Temple
The Stone Arch built in 1777,it used to be on the Confucius Temple grounds.later on, authorities in the Japanese colonial period cut through the temple grounds to build a new road.Close to the monument,you can easily find a Taiwan traditional snack,which is Peng-Tang.
I・ve only just stepped onto Fuzhong Street, and I・m already taken by the scene
I think almost done.This is my Peng-Tang.
It tastes like candy floss,Palatable,I love it.If you don・t get around to trying some of the local delicacies while you・re here, then you・re really missing out.This is tempura
Banana cake.
When it comes to Taiwanese snacks, Tainan has to be at the top of your list. Seeing all these delicacies that look, smell, and taste amazing, you can・t help but admire how much attention people here in Tainan pay to their food.
Beside delicacies, The crafts in Tainan are also full of creativity. Just look at these handmade items - I can・t keep my hands off them!The pattern so cool.what is this?
The pattern is inspire from the Sword-Lion and special in Anping area.Cool.
Soaking up the rich cultural atmosphere of at this area ,I've no choice but to start making my own handicrafts like an artist.After shaping your ceramic,you can put any words you want on it, I・m ready down TIME FOR TAIWAN,on my vase,and then wait for a month,you can get you one of kind unique artwork.
Many years of traveling have taught me that where there・s historical charm, there・s sure to be some coffee shops nearby.Oops, I got a broad shoulder,Do you believe this is the way to a coffee shop.I・m following the smell of coffee around the alleys of the Confucius Temple Cultural District, looking for the perfect cup.
Some creative locals have turned this historical old building into a coffee shop with a really special vibe.If you want to experience the delight that comes from straddling tradition and modernity, head on over to the Confucius Temple Cultural District
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<



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