Central Taiwan Pass

Welcome to Taiwan.I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.
When you hear Chiayi County, what’s the first thing you think of?I am in Chiayi.
Not only is Chiayi the only county in Taiwan with three national scenic areas, it’s the home of a city known worldwide for its verdant surroundings.
Here is not only a lovely park,but also the Chiayi Performing Arts Center!The Chiayi Performing Arts Center opened in 2004, This isn’t just a theatre to take in performances, it’s also a favorite place for locals to just come and relax.Looking at this elegant space framed by a pavilion and covered walkway, Actually, this is Chiayi's center of artistic talent.We hope to make it more connection with our hometown, to develop more local culture.
The international-grade exhibition and performance spaces and equipment let audiences enjoy the thrill of good art in comfortable surroundings while providing a place for high-level arts groups to stay in residence. The resulting collaborations are unique to Chiayi County.
Now, take a guess what characters I bumped into at the Performing Arts Center!
Let me introduce you, my new friend.I am the Peacock King of Wisdom.All of these richly detailed puppets were made by Samadhi, another group in residence at the center. But unlike traditional puppets, which are quite small, each puppet made by Samadhi is over 1 meter in size!
This is “Lotus Area”! This is “Butterfly stage”! This is “Theatre”!
How to control this puppet.
To control the puppet the most important is the hand and the head and her eyes
May I try?Ok, of course.Recently the’ve been planning to shoot a short film about traditional glove puppet theatre, and the Performing Arts Center, with its beautiful surroundings, is the perfect setting for them!
After my amazing trip to the Chiayi Performing Arts Center, I noticed a nearby farm with plenty of greenery and an air of culture – the Minxiong Kumquat Factory.
From 1960 through the present day, three generations of the same family have poured their livelihoods into kumquat products, and have carefully preserved their estate as a cultural museum.Here, you can also make your own kumquat sauce!
I think I can finish loaves of bread with this sauce.
Seeing me smiling through my day in Chiayi, aren’t you itching to make a visit of your own? I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao ~