Hakka Romantic Avenue

Welcome to Taiwan,I am Poyu Lin.I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.
Taking the Taiwan Tour Bus down the Hakka Romantic Avenue, the smells of food and spirits mark the beginning of my trip exploring Hakka culinary traditions.On the side of Hakka Romantic Avenue between Dongshih, Taichung, and Zhuolan, Miaoli, is a small brewery named :Stonewall.; The red brick buildings arranged around a courtyard give off a strong Hakka feel, and the sharp smells wafting past are from the rice wines they make here.Of course you can・t miss out on the drinks when visiting a brewery, and the owner made sure that the first thing he took me to do was to taste fine wines he brews there.The reputation of Dongshih as the :Kingdom of Fruit; inspired the owner of the brewery to use local produce in his wines. Aside from unique fruit wines, there・s also an amazing rice wine that・s 70 percent alcohol by volume.The taste is different from regular rice wine.It・s fragrant.
The Madam tells me that rice wine is the wine that best represents Hakka culinary culture. For Hakka people, rice wine plays a big part in each of the three daily meals as well as their theory of nutrition.I'm spilling yeast.Making the strongest rice wine in all of Taiwan takes local rice, yeast, and plenty of waiting. Each batch is aged at least 2 years before bottling.I also learned from listening to the stories of the brewers that the brewing process can be as interesting as the wines themselves.It・s a fun experience.
Aside from brewing wine, Chateau also faces an organic garden that is the owner pride and joy! Let・s get ready to pick some vegetables.Sean, what is this?This is winter melon.It looks different from the one we usually see.Yes,because this is cute,and I think our customer ,we like it.Having returned home to help run the brewery・s farm, the owner・s son Sean is a supporter of organic farming. He says that by taking just a little extra time to make sure his plants are healthy, he can naturally reduce damage from disease and pests.Thank you.Ok.Are we going to cook it ?
Yes sure,let・s go.
A brewery with fine wines shouldn・t be without delicious food to match, and here, the local Hakka cuisine is not to be missed. The food and wine served at the brewery even attracts foreign tourists, who come from far and wide to sample the fare
How do you think about Taiwan?We really enjoyed it, It's really nice,the people very friendly.I only realized on this visit just how many people can find happiness through the food and drink of Taiwan. Now, it・s my turn to experience that happiness for myself.Being able to taste Hakka dishes like your mother might make, that・s a real gift
Today・s trip to a country winery was full of rich aromas and warm hospitality.
If you have the chance, you should definitely check it out!



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