Hakka Romantic Avenue IV

I am in Nanzhuang.On the Hakka Romantic Avenue, there’s a place called Nanzhuang, internationally certified as a “slow city” by Cittaslow International.Surrounded by rugged cliffs and built at the site where two mountain streams meet, Nanzhuang has a number of spectacular destinations for eco-tourists. Not only that, it’s a mountain village with more than 300 years of history. The colorful reliefs decorating the town’s so-called “13-shop street” tell the story of the time when logging and mining made Nanzhuang a boomtown.It’s now decorated with period-style kerosene lamps, and the wooden street number signs are also really special.You know what?The icons on the signs show the kinds of businesses that were here back when the street was first built. Here use to be a barbershop,How interesting!
Walking along the old street and looking carefully at the buildings here, you can see many two-story Japanese-style buildings made out of wood. That’s because after the town was seriously damaged by a major earthquake in 1935, local authorities asked the Japanese to plan and rebuild the street, This nostalgic feel, combined with the town’s other efforts to develop the local leisure sector, has brought a new wave of growth to Nanzhuang, which has successfully remade itself as a prime tourist destination.Good!
This winding alley is called “Osmanthus Alley,” and it’s a shopping street full of old-time Taiwan charm. If good food is a must for your trip, you will definitely be able to satisfy your appetite here!Here is”Save Ice with Osmanthus honey tangyuan”,let me try it.Sweet, chewy, Pretty good.
The friendly atmosphere is another thing that brings travelers to the “slow city” of Nanzhuang. I’ve followed these stone steps to get to the town’s century-old post office.There’s some models of cute mail carriers of Hakka, Atayal, and Saisiyat descent, the three main groups of people living in Nanzhuang!To let me experience the diverse culture of Nanzhuang in one single visit, guide is taking me to a real paradise close to the old street - Nanjiang Leisure Farm Park.
I feel tired, Oh my God.Nothing tastes better than the food you make yourself! This little mochi doesn't just have the fragrance of sticky rice, it also contains the memory of my trip to Nanzhuang, which is also the first place I ever tried my hand at Hakka-style "Fu-tsai" pickled vegetables!I’ve finished stuffing my fu-tsai! Nanzhuang is a fun place! I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao∼


台灣觀巴-走訪國際慢城 南庄(苗栗)