Hakka Romantic Avenue

In the mountains of Taiwan there・s a scenic road.Welcome to Taiwan.This road, known as :Hakka Romantic Avenue; for its unique views.I am Poyu Lin.I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.Today, I・m in Liudong Community, a little town on the Hakka Romantic Avenue!Liudong Community is in Toufen Township, Miaoli County. The average age of its residents is 75 years old, but despite the changing times, the people here believe that with heart, they can give their town a new look while carrying on its long traditions.This is Liudong・s main hall, which was renovated using traditional Hakka construction methods. Can you imagine that all this used to be an old, run-down pigsty!What the great space.At the outset,we removed the pigsty, have an idea,hope to reproduce, the traditional Hakka architecture.After its renovation was completed, the hall became a center of the community and a place for displaying arts and crafts by local residents.Recording everyday life is the way culture is passed down in Liudong Community. Isn・t it moving to see the work these locals do on behalf of their hometown?It has honey aroma inside.This village has also been enriched by the return of the artist Tang-ya and his wife.Excuse me.
When I was a child,our front courtyard, there are a lot of fireflies, after leaving a few years, fireflies all gone.Yes!Now, we're back, dedicated to rebirth of these things
You can feel the love that Tang-ya has for this land in each of his pieces. Aside from art, he has worked to uphold eco-friendly ideas in tending to the orchard at his home, and encourages his fellow villagers to grow their own fruit without pesticides.
These healthy fruits are the perfect ingredients for the vinegar that his wife brews herself!It・s not easy though.A special Hakka cultural experience awaits you in Liudong! I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~



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