Hakka Romantic Avenue

Thanks to the Taiwan Tour Bus, I・ve arrived at Neiwan, a Hakka village in Hsinchu County!The old street in front of Neiwan Station is the busiest spot in town. Only 200 meters long, it・s always full of people come weekend.Neiwan,it was bulid by coal mining and lumbering. When this two productions was gone. Then we rebuild Neiwan by tourism. You can see we have many shop. We sell Hakka food and Ginger Lilly・s products.Wild ginger lilies bring spring to Neiwan. Their blooms bring the town・s young people back home, along with crowds of visitors!This old theater made of wood was built in 1950. Back then, This theater was the only leisure venue for workers.Now, it・s a must-see for visitors to Neiwan!The old theater has been converted into a Hakka restaurant, but the building has largely preserved its original appearance. The appeal of dining here while watching a classic movie hasn・t diminished since those days of yore!This tastes really like ginger.The same flavor.
This one too.Coming to Neiwan today has been a really interesting little trip full of stories. The flavors that chefs are making with wild ginger lily from Neiwan are getting more and more creative,But today・s trip to Neiwan doesn・t end here.The hardworking and frugal Hakka people always make the best use of nature・s bounty. they decided to use wild ginger lily leaves for wrapping glutinous rice cakes.Look, The whole wild ginger lilyAthere are many leaves,is it? Yes.But, Not every leaf can be used,this one, Is there a palm wide? Yes.From the base of the leaves.Have you seen it.Try it.My turn.More.Oops.Delicious and chewy.Mrs.peng,it・s rich wild ginger flavor.Yes, This is our Neiwan, The most traditional tastes. Coming to Neiwan , After hearing about the tales of local people, I can better appreciate everything I・ve experienced here.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<



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