Hakka Romantic Avenue

Thanks to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, I・ve arrived at Sankeng, a Hakka village nestled in Longtan, Taoyuan!Look! We・re surrounded by rice paddies! so beautiful! Sankeng Surrounded by rice paddies,When in Sankeng, there is one street you absolutely can・t miss!Next to the entrance to the town・s main street, there is a very interesting old irrigation canal. So cold!
The historic arcades lining Sankeng Old Street are designed as a unit, in which neighbors share a wall. The wooden lofts and window frames, together with the mottled texture of the red tiles, give Sankeng Old Street a simplicity and historical feel that is different from other historic market streets in Taiwan.
Our Sankeng Old Street,According to what the older generation says,By now,Has more than 180 years of history,In its early days as the most prosperous street in Longtan, right here.More than a hundred years ago, when the development of water transport dictated the development of Taoyuan and northern Hsinchu, Sankeng Old Street was known as the most prosperous in Longtan.
The construction of Shihmen Reservoir sent Sankeng into decline, but despite the sudden change of fortune, the town preserved its traditional appearance, which has today made it into one of Taiwan・s major tourist spots.hat you・re looking at now,Are the patron deities of our Yongfu Temple,The three gods in charge of heaven, earth and water.
At the end of the street is Yongfu Temple, with more than 270 years of history. Mr. Huang, who has been the neighborhood chief of Sankeng for more than 20 years, says that Yongfu Temple is the best example of the town・s history, having silently protected the town・s people for centuries.hough it・s short, Sankeng Old Street is full of countless stories that have really enriched my trip.Tasty!The outer layer is different from other buns.It・s made purely from rice,Using both glutinous rice and japonica rice.Mrs. Lin,Why is it that using ginger essence with brown sugar.Is necessary to make it fragrant,and delicious!
The boss of the restaurant generously explains the history of some of the foods here. It makes you feel like the stands are selling not just Hakka delicacies, but Hakka-style warmth and friendship!And Sankeng, with its rich water resources, boasts another otherworldly attraction along the bank of the Dahan Stream below Shihmen Reservoir V the Sankeng Ecological Park.Such a great view! I didn・t think that Sankeng would have a park as big as 3.8 hectares, If you want to rank it, this park with its riverside views is definitely one of my five-star picnic spots!I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<



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