Keelung Shuttle Bus Line

There’s a salty sea smell in the air today.We are having to Badouzi.
Here is Badouzi Harbor, I'm going to meet my local friend, Sandy
Hi Poyu. Hi Sandy. How did you come?
I take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus, Very convenient.
Located just to the east of Keelung, Badouzi is a coastal town surrounded by mountains, which boasts three different fishing harbors thanks to geography. The village combines beautiful scenery, access to rich maritime resources, and some very local fishing village culture. Right now, I follow a guide into the town’s streets and alleys for a rare tour of the village!
Hello Mrs. Lan, My friend come here to visit.Hello, Mrs. Lan.Welcome.
What are you doing?I'm dealing with Decapterus maruadsi in our seafood treatment place, This is our side of the specialty in Badouzi, Why it is called” Sih Po Yu”,Because,when we cut it off, There are two on the left, There are two on the right, Total four pieces, So we called ” Sih Po Yu”.Oh I see.
Near Badouzi Old Street is a discreet flight of stairs. The guide says that it’s a magical path opening right onto the horizon!
Personally,I love hiking, The difficulty of this trail,it’s a piece of cake for me.
Sandy, Why are you call this place, Wamgyou Valley.Because when you come to visit, see such a beautiful valley, and see such a green scenery, There are a rich ecology,you can also see the sea,make you forget the everything, So we call this place, Wamgyou Valley.If you don’t want to dive, then you can follow me into the tidal zone to look for sea treasures!The first time I walk on it, Like a blanket, So funny
Yes,this is Enteromorpha intestinalis,Look, this is brittle star, Take care of, brittle star is a kind of Echinoderms, It has a total of five tentacles, Like a starfish, So many people will mistake it as a starfish.Today is my first time rolling up my pants and wearing woven sandals into the tidal zone to get up close to marine animals. It’s great.You might think today’s outing ends here…wrong! Chaojing Park has lots of other famous scenic spots waiting for me.To the east of Wangyou Valley is Chaojing Park, a hectare-sized field right next to the coast. The park is a center for maritime ecology, leisure, and art.Here is one of top IG check in location in Taiwan, you should definitely come here Take a picture.Keelung isn’t just a town of food and temples, it’s so much more! I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao∼



藍姐,我帶客人來了。藍姐,妳好。妳好,歡迎參觀~ 藍姐,妳在忙什麼?
對啊,這個叫腸滸苔海藻,來,妳看,這個就是陽隧足,來給妳,這陽隧足是屬於棘皮動物,牠總共有五隻腳,可是牠跟海星是屬於親戚關係,所以很多人會把牠誤認為海星。今天是我第一次捲起褲管、換上草鞋,在潮間帶親近海洋生物的體驗,感覺好棒!你以為今天的旅行到此結束,錯,潮境公園裡還有許多,熱門的打卡景點,等著我呢!位在望幽谷的東側,「潮境公園」面積廣達1公頃、緊鄰海岸,公園結合海洋生態、休閒與藝術! 這裡是知名,台灣的IG打卡地標,你有機會的話一定要來拍張照片。基隆不僅只有廟口美食,還有很多很多!我是林柏妤,享受在台灣的時光,我們下次見~