Northeast Gold Coast

Welcome to Taiwan
I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel
love wandering around Taiwan
In Taiwan・s Northeast, there・s a beautiful Gold Coast where you can find.
Unmatched sea views! A rich culture and history. Unique rock formations!
What・s the best way to enjoy this trip? Just follow me!
I・m at Fulong Station, in Gongliao.Renting a bike!
Getting ready to depart!
And I・m here with a local who・s a good friend of mine, Mr. Yen!
Let・s go!
He says that if I follow the small road next to the railroad tracks, I・ll arrive at today・s first highlight, Old Caoling Tunnel. Peter,It feels like an ancient tunnel.
Yes, Did you know that? This tunnel is nearly 100 years old, The rail line begins in 1924ABack then, Is to connect to Taipei with Yilan, the tunnel used for the train, Because one-way inconvenient,after that planning to build nowadays Caoling Tunnel
At 2167 meters long, :Old Caoling Tunnel; was Taiwan・s first railroad tunnel to be turned into a tunnel for bikes. It・s been redesigned as a sort of railroad museum, and the track pattern on the ground, the period lighting, and the traditional sound all make it feel like you・re traveling back in time.
It・s so nice and cool in there!
Poyu,We have arrived in Yilan
Coming out of the tunnel, your eyes are suddenly met with a view of this long, windswept coastline. It feels like a huge relief!
Parking your bike and walking to the coast, you can also take in the unique coastal terrain left over by nature and the process of mountain formation. So beautiful!
At this point of the trip, I realize that biking is really the best speed for traveling the Gold Coast. Pushing onward, we will soon come face-to-face with Taiwan・s easternmost point.
Peter, Why is this called three Sandiaojiao?
Chinese is called Sandiaojiao, Is translated from San Diego,This lighthouse is a very important landmark, so called the :Eye of Taiwan;.
Aside from the lighthouse, there is also a civil aviation radar station and a host of other buildings and art installations, all in white, which are all beautiful from any angle.This is a century-old stone house,See, these stones are draw on local resources
Do you want to enjoy the sea breeze while taking in beautiful sea views? Then I can
recommend a bike ride along Northeast Coast!



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