Turtle Island one-day tour

Welcome to Taiwan. I am Poyu Lin.
I am in Wushi Harbor. I love to travel.
love wandering around Taiwan
Today we・re taking a trip to one of Taiwan・s outlying islands,
to explore the mystical landscape of Turtle Island!
This enchanting island has been around for millennia, and has become a symbol both of Yilan and of greater Taiwan.
Wushi Harbor is home port for our tour of Turtle Island.
Because there・s a limit on how many visitors are allowed on the island each day, most people need to arrange their trip in advance.
But foreign tourists aren・t counted under that limit, so as long as there・s room on the boat, you only need to show your passport before heading on over.
Let・s get on board!
Look so nice
Traveling with me today is Captain Lin, a local with nearly 40 year・s worth of knowledge about Turtle Island.
He is going to help me better understand everything there is to know about this mysterious little island.
See those two round holes where the sea meets the cliff? Don・t they look like glasses?
Because of their resemblance to eyeglasses, these caves formed by long-term seawater erosion of the cliff are called :Eyeglass Caves.;
Also, the seawater around here has two different colors, a special light and dark :yin-yang effect; which is caused by sulfur released from the seafloor.
Turtle Island covers an area of 2.85 square kilometers, and according to records was first settled around the end of the Qing dynasty in the late 1800s.
In 1977, the island became a military controlled area, and its residents were moved to Yilan. Having been closed off to the public for more than 20 years, Turtle Island still bears the remains of many types of military structures and equipment.
It was only in the year 2000 that Turtle island was reopened to tourists, and its ecology has been relatively well preserved. looking at the still surface of Turtle Tail lake is a great way to relax and zone out.
Another Turtle Island sight that you don・t want to miss is this kilometer-long pebble beach, known as the :Tail of Turtle Island.;
The view has a catchy name of its own - :the turtle・s wagging tail;!
That・s because the beach actually moves with changing seasonal winds and tides, making it a center of visitors・ attention.
The scene will make you think you・ve left earth behind.
The tour guide is reeling off one story after another, This uninhabited volcanic island is home to a rich diversity of natural life.
It・s a remarkable vitality that・s unique to Turtle Island.
Turtle Island Island is a fun place, you are lucky enough, you will be able to see a group dolphins on the sea,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao ~


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